PyroBoss was established more than 11 years ago, tracing its beginnings to the early 2000s when Andrei A., a distributor of non-food merchandise in grocery and convenience stores, responded to customer demands by introducing firecrackers and roman candles to his product portfolio. Since then, Andrei has successfully positioned PyroBoss as the foremost retailer of consumer-based fireworks in the Czech Republic. Currently, PyroBoss is experiencing accelerated growth, with retail stores and showrooms present in 15 cities and over 1,000 temporary sales venues across 17 countries. The company’s headquarters and primary warehouse are located in Prague, and it supplies 4th of July products to numerous national retail chains in 15 countries where the sale of select consumer fireworks is permitted. PyroBoss’s wholesale fireworks division is also undergoing rapid expansion. Should you have any further inquiries, please feel free to utilize the contact form provided.

Explore PyroBoss's Dazzling Variety of Fireworks

For over four decades, PyroBoss® has established itself as the premier provider of consumer fireworks, renowned for their exceptional quality, value, and safety. With an extensive range of products, including 500 Gram Aerial Repeaters, Mortar kits, Finales, Fountains, Rockets, Sparklers, and more, PyroBoss offers an impressive selection to elevate any occasion, be it a holiday, wedding, birthday, or special event. Furthermore, we proudly produce our own line of firecrackers.