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tropic pyrozeus


Effect: Part A: 
Golden swim blast red pear; golden swim blast purple green pearl; silver swim blast orange and lemon peony with white strobe; silver swim blast pink and sea blue peony with white strobe; white blast white strobe with red dahlia pistil; red blast red strobe with green dahlia pistil; green blast green strobe with purple dahlia; blue blast gloden strobe with blue dahlia; red blast crackling with red wave pistil; blue blast blue to red with time rain; red spit red leaves with crackling pistil; green spit green leaves with crackling pistil; yellow spit yellow leaves with crackling pistil; silver spinner.
Part B:
Brocade crown king; silver crackling chrys; red leaves with blue pistil; green leaves with blue pistil; flashing time rain willow with red pearl; silver spinner; blue blast golden wave dahlia with blue pearl; blue blast red strobe pistil brocade crown king with blue pearl; red crossette; green spit green leaves with purple pistil and crackling pistil; red blast white strobe with red coco pistil; blue blast flashing time rain willow with blue pearl.



tropic pyrozeus


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